Studio 205 is a space designed for movement. In addition to offering our own classes and workshops, we love playing happy hosts to the pursuits of like minded teachers, performers and artists. It is also our ambition to use Studio 205 as a podium to exhibit the work of artists that we care about. Please contact us if you are interested in renting our space.

About Jill


Jill Locke has dedicated the vast majority of her life's efforts to movement. She has been watching, studying, playing and creating work with bodies for more then 30 years. Jill's youth was dedicated to the study of classical and contemporary dance. She would go on to dance professionally for classical and contemporary dance companies and opera companies in New York City and Atlanta. Since retiring from performing, Jill's focus has shifted to teaching and studying movement across several disciplines.

As a movement junkie, Jill is always exploring new ways to approach and teach locomotion. She has an extensive history teaching and studying Pilates, Yoga, dance, and functional fitness. This broad experience allows her to draw upon the principles and benefits of several disciplines to create challenging classes that develop strength, mobility, grace and deepen body awareness.

Jill is also highly qualified to teach people recovering from injuries or who are in pain. For a full overview of her education and experience, please click on the link below.


“Jill gave me hope when I had none. I had been through all kinds of physical therapy and even injections, with no success in helping my injury. It was Jill’s expertise and patience that helped me to improve, slowly but steadily. She enabled me to get back to living a normal life, something I didn’t know could be a reality. She is absolutely one of the best in the business, certainly the best Pilates instructor I have ever had.” Tara

“I started Pilates after months in a wheel chair after a major operation .I had tried traditional physiotherapy but it had not really got me moving and was rote exercises. But this Pilates teacher was different. I was struck by the powers of observation of my pilates teacher Jill. She then and to this day continues to tailor make each lesson’s movements. In this way she builds evenly my muscles, is careful not to put too much pressure too quickly, and I continue to make progress. Her methods are showing results far beyond what I could have hoped. I am truly grateful.” Mira

“I've been doing Pilates with Jill for a few years now. She can feel the energy room and adjust her exercises. Her classes are never the same, they're challenging and creative. She has an amazing understanding of how the body works and always gives great advice.'' Corinne


Jorijn Vriesendorp


Jorijn discovered a love for movement through dance early in her life. She has worked professionally as a dancer for years, performing and teaching internationally.

In 2007, she discovered Pilates and loved the graceful, intuitive and challenging nature of the technique. She has a passion for making people feel their best through the practice of Pilates and dance. Her goal at the end of every class is for people to feel connected with themselves, more flexible, and to leave the studio with a soft and open mind. Her style is intuitive and focused. And her mat classes range from beginner to advanced.

Jorijn is also the mother of two young boys and is interested in working with women during pregnancy and after having given birth.

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About Vesna

Vesna Vrdoljak is a collage artist living and working in Amsterdam. Graduating with a masters degree in European Film and Aesthetics, Vesna initially toiled in film production, distribution and marketing, until she began experimenting with hand-cut collage in 2012. Her creative process is a blend of magazines, old photographs and ambiguous reconstruction through minute shifts in layered compositions. By slightly rearranging the layers of her collages, Vesna distorts the image’s traditional roots to convey a newly created dimension. Imbued with beauty and escapism, Vesna’s work plays off both the desire for the familiarity and the avant-garde; it is an open invitation to explore a new atmospheric plane within her work, rather than search for a definitive meaning.

“I make collages to create my own reality. I cut and glue by hand. The limited possibilities of the analogue working method appeal to me. The tactility of mainly old photos and paper is a major value in my work.

With the least possible cuts I want to make a new and neat image. I like to create surreal and undefinable images to offer the viewer his own interpretation. I prefer to display an atmosphere or mood instead of a definite story; mostly tinted with a nostalgic feeling due to the old material I prefer to use.

My collages are about beauty and escapism. The pure aesthetics of composition and color combinations can be very satisfying to me.”