Pilates Mat with props

Pilates teaches us to be better movers and how to work smarter and not harder. With this intention, Pilates perfectly compliments yoga, sports, dance and day to day living by teaching us to be more effective and efficient movers. And for those struggling with injuries, the strength and awareness gained with a Pilates practice is unparalleled in it's healing capabilities. In the Pilates with props lessons, we are working to develop strength and awareness, increase mobility and flexibility, and improve posture and coordination with the aid of rollers, therabands and balls.

Aerial Pilates

Aerial Pilates combines the power and mobility gained from a Pilates practice with the playful challenges of the Aerial hammocks. The hammocks can provide support and assistance, challenge balance and equilibrium, help to create space by relieving tension and turn you on your head to hang like a bat.

Beginner lessons start with practicing exercises on the mat with the assistance of the hammock. Giving students the opportunity to develop strength and familiarity. More advanced classes involve full body suspension, full inversion (hanging upside down) and lots of playtime.

Aerial Power and Play

Aerial Power and Play lessons are designed to be very challenging and push you into new movement territory. In the lessons the hammock is part TRX suspension training strap, part swing, and part barre. We will be working on squats, handstands, pushups, single leg balancing, dynamic core work and moving and controlling the weight of the body. This class is intended for students with a good overall fitness level, good body awareness and with no injuries.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga integrates the supportive nature of the hammocks with asana practice. The hammocks provide support in standing work, backbends, chest openers and inversions allowing us to move deeply into an asana and thus giving us access to postures that are often too challenging or daunting. The function of the hammock is also to provide intense compression upon the joints thereby facilitating deep myofascial and muscular release and massage. This release helps the breakdown of scar tissue and increase circulation in the joints. Aerial Yoga also allows students to experience inversions (being upside down) on a whole new level. With the support of the fabric students can hang upside down with almost no tension thus providing deep spinal decompression and increased circulation.


Private Pilates and Aerial work is available upon request. Privates can be greatly beneficial for students new to Pilates and/or aerial work. It is also highly recommended for people with injuries. Please look into Jill's bio page to learn more about her history, education and experience in working with people whose bodies are healing.

Benefits of Aerial work

. Decompression of the spinal joints

. Release and stretch of spinal/postural muscle

. Compression upon the joints by the fabric releases fascial and muscular tension

. Increases flexibility

. Suspension training strengthens core muscles

. Challenges the central nervous system and proprioception

. Aids the lymphatic system improving the bodies detoxification abilities

. Improves mental focus and concentration

. Pushing and pulling nature of the work strengthens and stabilizes the shoulder joints and develops arm, wrist and hand strength and flexibility

. Lifts mood and reduces stress

. Improves balance

. Improves circulation

. Great for the skin

. Aids digestion

. Is playful, fun and will bring a smile to your face!!!